This article is about SaaS metrics of hyperping. The product is probably run by the founder alone and they don’t invest sizable money in marketing and sales. Therefore, I think it’s a great example of a successful Micro SaaS.

What is hyperping?

Micro Startup from Paris, built by Leo. They are offering a great site monitoring tool at reasonable prices.

SaaS Metrics of hyperping

Since their SaaS Metrics are disclosed through the Open Startups project by Baremetrics, I’m going to see their monthly metrics one by one.(Please note that the unit is EUR and the data as of the end of May 2022)


MRR is 6,846 EUR at the end of May 2022. It’s so small compared to Large SaaS, but steadily growing 👍.

MRR Movement

They are consistently acquiring New MRR. The chart below shows MRR Movement in three categories: 1) New MRR (New User MRR + Reactivation MRR), 2) Churn MRR and 3) Net Expansion MRR (Expansion MRR - Contraction MRR).


The current MRR growth rate is around 50%. If we divide the growth into Paying User and ARPU,  the growth is mainly from ARPU. Paying User is at a single-digit growth rate.

New Users

They are acquiring 4-12 users per month. It seems so small, but I think it’s okay if they don’t spend CAC and rely on the organic sales/marketing effort only.


The current ARPU of total paying users is €38 and comfortably growing. It’s mainly led by positive Net Expansion (see below). The lines in green and red show ARPU of New User and Churn User respectively. In this way, you can understand if you are acquiring/losing bigger/smaller users.


NRR is slightly lower than 100%, roughly 98% in the past 24 months' average, but it's not bad and slightly improving over time. Please note that NRR is “Net Expansion Rate - Revenue Churn + 1”, the two metrics you can find on the next charts.

Churn / Net Expansion

Net Expansion Rate (Expansion - Contraction in existing users) is mostly higher than 0% driven by upgrades. However, it’s not positive enough to fully offset Revenue Churn, resulting in NRR slightly lower than 100%.


Overall doing great: I assume the business is run by the founder alone. With that in mind, the business is going pretty well.

In particular, when it comes to financial metrics, ARPU growth by Net Expansion (in their case upgrades) is great.

What's the key to accelerating growth?: The number of new users is small (4-12 users/mo), but I don't think they need to invest in sales & marketing. The product is micro SaaS, not VC-backed SaaS.

My thoughts on the key to accelerating MRR growth is

  • Keep and improve organic marketing effort
  • Try to reactivate churned users if done nothing so far
  • Monitor Churned users and do not lose bigger ones
  • (not to mention) the effort to reduce churn

MRR simulation by Reactivation and Churn User ARPU

Small changes in key metrics can generate a sizable gap.

You can download the simulation model here.

Posted by: Ryoichi Fujita(藤田亮一)